About us

The FQRC increases the fundamental knowledge about populations of organisms used as food and develops new analytical traceability tools. We assess the quality and authenticity of foods, improving and supporting the confidence of consumers, food industry, business operators and regulators.

Challenges are faced from an interdisciplinary perspective, gathering specialized scientists in Food Quality, Animal and Aquaculture Production, Ecology and Conservation Genetics from different faculties from University of Chile (Agronomical Sciences, Sciences and Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences).

We use novel techniques to study genetic diversity, population structure and to develop analytical tools to control and validate the administrative traceability systems, verifying the veracity of the labelling information, standards compliance and law enforcement.

Our mission
Improve traceability to encourage sustainable food production, considering social, environmental and economic aspects, to support regulators and decision-makers with independent science-based information related to the protection of resources and to increase of competitivity of Chilean industry.

To increase the knowledge about populations of organisms of interest.

Develop robust, reproducible and legally enforceable DNA-based analytical methods in order to allow effective food traceability across the food chain.

Support Chilean government agencies and decision-makers with science-based information to protect public health, aquaculture/fisheries production and the environment.

To train human resources in these topics.